About (page)

Hello, my name is Justin, and I am the guy behind this hole in the interwebs.

This server is currently running in the basement of my home in Ogden, Utah. The actual “computer” part is an old Raspberry Pi Model B. The operating system runs on a 32 gig SD card, and the site and files are on a 4tb external USB hard drive. Needless to say, I do not entertain much traffic, so this miniscule server works well enough for me.

The little Raspberry Pi also handles our in house media library and uses “ReadyMedia” (aka: MiniDLNA) so we can stream them to any of the devices on our network.

In the past I also used a Raspberry Pi to run our sprinkler system, Christmas light show, and security cameras. Now I still use them for my Christmas lights, but my biggest win has been using them on my 3D printers.

I plan on working them into my house for more home automation, but I have been busy (insert lazy here).

Hopefully this time the server will run well for a long time (it generally fails when I mess with it too much 😉 ).