What am I about? Well, I’m a divorced father of 3 “perfect” children, I was born a few months before man first stepped on the moon, I have a bachelors degree in IT/Multimedia Visual Communications, I retired from the US Air Force in 2013 after 23 years of serving, I’m now employed at Hill Air Force base by the Department of Defense (as a glorified “Supply Guy”).

I self teach myself almost everything I know and do. I’ve been a computer geek since I was forced to get a two color, Macintosh Classic II back in 1996. Taught myself basic HTML with that machine, and haven’t looked back. In 2000 or so, I found some random Linux CD’s and started to play with it. Getting frustrated with the lack of available support, I left it alone until 2001 when I found a small distribution of Linux called JAMD (Just Another Modified Distribution). That small community was wonderful, they taught me everything I needed to know in order to get myself good and crashed (thus teaching me more about computers).

I also enjoy classic cars (Ford, Mercury, & Lincoln mainly, but I don’t turn my nose up at a Mopar when I see one, General Motors vehicles though? Yeah, no thanks, I’ll walk), photography, drawing when I am in the mood, story writing, and being with my kids.

I would post my resume, or examples of my work, but my work generally goes away when my server crashes, my resume is still good, but really, unless you’re a gov’t agency looking to promote me, I’m not planning on leaving the Gov’t sector until at least 2034.

Take a look around, I’m currently just making the site less of a template, and more of my stuff, but a lot of it, is what ever WordPress hands out with the default installation.

Thank you,