It Is Impolite, Birthday or Not..

It Is Impolite, Birthday or Not..

June 9, 2021 Off By justin

The last 4 days were basically about a birthday. A few days to get things done around the houses that have needed to be done for a while, and a couple days to pamper, relax, and explore.

Started the weekend off trying to knock out a few things at my homestead before she got off work. With the roofers over a week into their “3 day job”, my yard, access to my house, and the noise is getting a little rougher by the day. On Monday as we were leaving, the workers pulled me aside to let me know they were stopping work until the roofing company and the Ogden City Inspector ironed out some vent idea differences. It was nice to have a quite house today before work, but I would trade that for a finished roof and clean yard any day.

From Saturday night until this morning (It was Wednesday morning… this morning), the days were about her birthday. It is a big one, and she had planned on being with her family in Yellowstone, but aches, pains, and the thought of long car rides, sleeping on KOA mattresses, and no rest for three days, made her back out of her long planned family vacation. I got her a gift she’d mentioned when we first started to talk, hoped she’d be able to use it in Yellowstone during her vacation, but plans change, and you’ve got to go with the flow. I gathered my limited budget, and planned her a little vacation to a place she’d been to many times before. I tried to find things to do that neither of us had thought about before (I’m not a fan of HOT pools on HOT days, and she’s not a swimmer, so floating the river was right out). Lava Hot Springs Idaho, here we come!

Lava Hot Springs

An inexpensive hotel (with a sign I saw after I backed in, that said “Do Not Back Into Parking Spots”) in a good location, and Geocaching installed on our phones, we were off. I mention Geocaching, because that is something I’m trying to get back into. It has been a few years since I put any thought into it, but I bought another year membership, and have some itch in the back of my head to get out there and see if I can find any. The problem with both of us is that neither of us can take or do long hikes, so we find the short shoots, easy trails, with lots of shade. These were perfect for her to experiment with her birthday present. Not quite filling up her first memory card, or wearing out the battery, she was off and learning (taking instruction well too) about how to get the right angle, find unique perspectives, and how to use the settings to achieve a good depth of field, and color pop. It helps that she had taken photography back in her Jr. year of High School. For me it has been 30’ish years since I actually had to think about how to setup a good image. Just like most people today, I’ve gotten entirely used to taking pictures with my phone, letting it do the detail work, and moving on (the images in this post, are all done with my Pixel 4 phone).

It is impolite to ask a woman’s age, so I won’t say anything here except that we have both said we’re too young to feel this old more than once. I have a life full of things I’ve done that I’m paying for now, and wouldn’t change must of them for the world. I’m sure she has a history of activities that are catching up to her now too, and some genetic attributes that slow anyone’s roll after a certain age. It is a difficult balance when you start to get older on how to balance what you want to do with your days, against what you know you’ll have to endure that night, the next day, or for the next week for doing.

When I see walk that’s a little further or harder than I want, but I know I’ll get to see something beautiful in the end, I weight how bad that is going to hurt, against how the pain is going to lesson the beauty I want to see when I see it. Nine times out of ten, I’ll take pain avoidance over the beautiful view. Regretfully, this unfortunate truth, has done more damage than good in and around my person life. It isn’t a joke when I tell people “I enjoy the outdoors, from a distance”.

The images below were all taken while she was doing her own thing. They were taken with my phone, the only ones that were edited are the square ones, and Instagram did that.

Enjoy your day the best you can, if someone is there to experience it with you, enjoy their company too..

I look forward to many more adventures with you life, no matter how many more there are ..