Siphon Coffee Maker!

Siphon Coffee Maker!

May 26, 2021 Off By justin

While looking around the Amazons for a K-Cup coffee maker, I accidentally found one that ‘looked’ all steam punk, had wonderful reviews, and was about the same price as a Keurig. The “Actual” name on the Amazon is: “Nispira Belgian Belgium Luxury Royal Family Balance Syphon Siphon Coffee Maker” but I just call it a Siphon Coffee Maker.

Siphon Coffee Maker
First night, cookin’ up some mud.. (Sundown Farm’s Jam cooling off in the background).

I feel that this makes some good coffee, but my coffee grinder wont be here till Friday, so I’ve been brewing up commoners “pre ground” lesser quality coffee. I’m excited to try some real coffee in here.

This coffee maker has the feel of “old school” with the “wow” factor of a science project.

The glass is where the grounds are dumped (and looks to be about the right size to use for BEER at the end of the day).

The copper kettle is where you dump in the water (they provide a measuring cup so you know how much to dump in, and the hotter water you dump in, the quicker it’ll brew the goodness).

The little glass jar is where the alcohol burner is setup. You open the cap, lower the (full) copper kettle down so it holds the lid open for you, then light the sucker!

From the back, you can see the lid being held open & the glass decanter filling with the good stuff.

Nothing happens for a minute (10+ if the water isn’t HOT), then you start to hear a little boiling water in the kettle, the clear glass with grounds in it starts to get a little steamy, then gradually fills with hot water pushed out from the pressure of the kettle’s boiling water. As the kettle empties into the glass, it gets lighter. Once the balance point is reached, it will lift up out of the way, and let the lid of the flame bottle close (to kill the fire).

Where the little Coffee Maker lives now (kind of fits in with all my other Steam Punk/Old looking odds and ends)

Once the fire is out, it doesn’t take but a few seconds before a vacuum forms in the cooling copper kettle an sucks the hot water back inside. It is sucked through a cloth filter that is wrapped around the little shower head looking end of the pipe so the coffee is all clean and tasty when you are ready to get to sipping (the coffee is hot stuff when it’s done too – unlike a Keurig).

Open the spigot, and start filling your cup (My cup was almost too big – it is a big coffee cup)

We were really surprised at just how quickly it sucked the water back into the copper kettle after the flame went out.

Funnest cup of coffee I’ve made in a long time.

Some pointers for anyone looking for purchase one of these:

01. Use the hot water (closer to boiling the better). Unless you don’t mind waiting 15+ minutes before it starts doing anything.

02. Don’t forget to close the spigot before you fill the kettle (I forget EVERY SINGLE TIME!).

03. Use the purest alcohol you can find. We used “Everclear” last night and it was great. Today I used 91% isopropal alcohol. You could smell it and it left a little black on the kettle (I love it, gives it “Patina”).

04. Three or four scoops of coffee grounds is plenty for a “regular” dark coffee.

05. Clean it as soon as it is cool enough to do so. I haven’t let the old coffee grounds on the fabric filter dry out yet, but I’ve been able to re-use the fabric filter multiple times and it still looks great.

06. Might have to bend the kettle holder a little to get the flame centered on the kettle (not a big deal, just bugged me).

07. ENJOY!

Sippity sip sip! I wish everyone who sees this a happy coffee sippin’ day..