Answering to Wonderlust

Answering to Wonderlust

May 11, 2021 Off By justin

With out spilling all the beans, I’m just getting some words written down to keep my mind whirring and fingers tippity tapping. Come shortly, I’m going to get out of town for a few days. See some places I’ve never seen, visit some sights I’ve only seen in magazines or online, and unfortunately I’m also probably going to drive by, or be offered some information to things I am marking with a big ole’ “NOPE”.

When I went searching for some random “unidentifiable” images for some of the places that should be recognizable once arrival has been achieved, a few kept coming up that made me wonder if this was going to be a relaxation trip, or more of what I have a plethora of here already (really strugglin’ not to go nut’s about that right now). I’m going to drop a few images. A few “NOPE” images from the area, and some “Bucket List” images from the area.

Exhibit “A”: These friggin’ things are springin’ up all over the place like pop-tarts at a day care. I’m leading off with the biggest NOPE of this trip, everything after this is a distant second to dealing with this one.

Biggest of Big Ole’ NOPE for this trip! I will drive across town to avoid this place.

I can’t decide if I should follow up a “NOPE” with a “Bucket List” item. I think I’ll do a “Bucket List” item next, and YES, it is really hard to find images that don’t give away the destination too easily. I mean, if you’ve been to these places, I’m sure you can fire off where the vacation is going to be, but here goes my first “Bucket List” of this adventure.

Check Mate
I just wanna find this thing, get my picture with it, and feel the accomplishment.

This one may just be one to call myself out “Justin’ you’re such a fuckin’ pansy”. I don’t like heights, and you mix that with some kid that’s still poppin’ zits when no one is looking, then being responsible for my safety harness staying affixed to my gluttonous fat ass, a gazillion feet of the ground while I’m zippin’ between pine trees? NOPE! Ain’t on my list of “Bucket’s List’s”.

Zip line THIS
Big ole’ “Justin is a Pansy” NOPE.

Now this one might give some of this short trip’s location away, but I wanna’ get my wine sippin’ on a little here. It is going to be a quick trip, so not a lot of time to deviate from the non-existent schedule, but c’mon, lemme’ have some vino!

The peregrination set forth shall be full of high spirits and drink! (I think we’re allowed two bottles on the plane home).

This “NOPE” goes with out saying. Both shots have been administered, I ain’t no flim flammin’ sick’o, and I don’t want no “Q-Tips” ticklin’ my brain box again any time soon, so big ole’ nope to the Covid sample taking folks.

Covid Samples - NOPE
All I can say to this is: NOPE

This’ another one that’ll be a dead give-a-way if you’ve partook of this area. It is relatively famous among the people in the know, or familiar with this area. It is located near the “actual” give away location that I really had a hard time finding a picture of that wasn’t going to make every one say “OH, yeah, I know that place”. So here is the actual second part of the trip (and it is a 2 part deal).

So this is the last NOPE I have time for right now, but it comes in a VERY close 2nd place to that 1st NOPE up there. I mean, I just do not get it (and this is coming from a guy that LOVES to watch cars go really fast, really close to each other, and do it while turning LEFT most of the time). Anyhow, middle finger to walking around on nice lawn, whacking a white ball, and soaking in all the skin cancer causing sunshine.

Oh wait, found a second big ole’ NOPE (more like a bit ole’ PLEASE NO!). Self explanatory, brutal, and hopefully none of these shenanigans go on while I’m there.

Not my thing “Fire Guys” .. No thank you!

And, finally, the location that brought on this en-devour a few weeks ago ..

It’s the best picture I could find of this place, that didn’t GIVE IT AWAY

Hopefully over the next little while, I’ll post a few more blog posts with images I took. I’m looking forward to this escape, and hopefully it is as relaxing as it looks, this time of year the weather won’t burn your face off, and I “think” most kids are in school, so the “Little Shit Brattery” will be at a minimum I hope.

Have a wonderful day, please take care of your selves, and go walk about however you can, sometimes that’s all we need to keep a clear mind.