Family Calms the Storms

Family Calms the Storms

April 19, 2021 Off By justin

This week is off to a mellow start. What can I say, visiting my parents is a place where my mind can calm down and life soaks into all the warm places.

The family had a little get together up at my sister’s place for me, my brother-in-law, and niece’s boyfriend’s birthday (trifecta). Burgers, chicken, and a few too many adult otter pops (thank you sis, they were delicious). I brought a date this time, and she seemed to fit right in, and it looked like my family enjoyed her company.

My mother and her husband got me a fishing pole, and some tackle gear (exactly what I’d asked for, thank you mom). I’m looking forward to some more goodies I ordered off Amazon earlier today. Simple stuff like a tackle backpack, pole sleeve (I’m always really worried a hook is going to make its self comfy in my finger), hook plyers, and a hook/leader storage thing (Has all kinds of names). I can’t wait to go out and sneak some fish from their humble home. My dad gave me a big Costco adult otter pop jar, and some money to add to my rainy day fund.

The coming weekend isn’t a long one (unfortunately), but I have plans to replace some front suspension bits that are bad on my Crown Victoria (front lower control arm bushings). While I’m in there, I decided to change the struts, and upper control arms (upper control arm removal makes changing the struts easier so why not upgrade to Moog). I originally took it to Young Ford in Ogden, but after two days of my calling them, they finally said they couldn’t get the part before Monday, and to bring it back after the weekend. I said nope, I’ll do it myself. I ordered all the parts from Amazon (better than stock of course), and they’ll start arriving Thursday and Friday.

After these parts are replaced, the only suspension parts I have not changed out on this car are the tie rods, and lower control arms (I would, but they’re a little to spendy if they’re not bad – the front lower control arm bushing is a single replaceable piece). I changed out ALL of the rear suspension last week (Shocks z(KYB), Springs (Moog), Upper and Lower control arms (CHE Performance), Watt’s Link (CHE Performance), and installed a asway bar (ADTR/Eibach). Up front I also upgraded the stock sway bar (ADTR/Eibach), and end-links (Moog). The big old boat handles like a little car now (except for the front bushings making all kinds of noises when you back up, it’s like a new car).

I’m also going to a 9 year old’s birthday party with the woman I’ve been seeing (her grand daughter). Should be fun, we’re going to see how the air-fryer she got me works, and test out her patio heater. Should be fun, I met her kids and grad kids a couple weekends ago for a belated blended Easter/Birthday for her daughter and it was a lot of fun. I hope I can get my car sorted out before the party. C’mon YouTube, get me through one more time 😉 .

I’ve got an appointment with my VA therapist on Wednesday. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover, and many things to discuss, but I’m hopeful it will be a good session. Just the few things we’ve already covered, and the change of medication has been absolutely amazing. I do not suggest stopping one medication before you’ve started tapering up your new medication, that void in-between is horrendous. The dark thoughts and old memories were relentless, for me and those near me. Lesson learned, do NOT let anyone close to you until you’ve healed enough to understand where you’re at emotionally.

For now, this is about it, I really don’t have a lot to write about that would matter to this meandering blog. I’m feeling pretty good emotionally, the scar on my face from the skin cancer fight seems to be healing well, but the speed in which the VA is getting me into physical therapy for my “Frozen Shoulder” is going to take longer than my shoulder is taking to heal on its own. My new relationship seems to be relational and mutual. Moving slowly and with clear intentions feels healthy and safe too (I’m still scared, and tentative, but so far I haven’t felt any awkwardness or one sided effort).

Everyone please be safe, enjoy everything you have, are, and love. Never stop healing, growing, and exploring.