All Steamed Up

All Steamed Up

April 15, 2021 Off By justin

Workin’ away sometimes needs a sound track. Here are a few of the songs I’ve been crankin’ through my headsets while I count beans (work).

These aren’t all the songs I tend to listen to (If you know me, I’m usually listening to A Perfect Circle, Tool, or Puscifer) but they are what I was listening to the most tonight (I don’t listen to songs on Band Camp as much as I should, I like supporting the little guys).

I hope you enjoy peeking inside what has been blasting into my brain all night and please have a wonderful day.

This first one by “Symphony of Science” called “A Glorious Dawn” uses Autotune to mash together some of the best science story tellers into a song (my favorite of these guys).

This one is from “Steam Powered Giraffe” called “Honeybee”. My favorite of this band (and I think it was the first one I heard).

Who doesn’t love a little story with a repeating hook (yes, I agree, it gets a little old, but I still like the song).

This one I don’t listen to often, but tonight it just sounded good so I’m ploppin’ it on here.

Just a happy sounding song, I like “Spine’s” voice and this one just sounded good in my headphones, so I dropped it in here too.

If you search this one on the YouTubes, the introduction is really good. Hell, most of their YouTube videos are nicely done and entertaining. I’d love to see these folks make a swing through Utah so I could buy them a beer, and see them live.

This one is just fun for me. Good example of the “Spine’s” vocal range and talent. He looks very much differnt out of costume, you’d never match him with his voice, it is amazing.

This one just made me laugh. It’s nice to see them use their musical talents just to have fun and make fun of flatulance.

Another one by “Symphony of Science”. More “normal” but I still enjoy it. I recognize many of the scientists they used in this one. Not as playful or as interesting to listen to as “A Glorious Dawn” but still very well done.

This band is called “The Omnific”, out of Australia. What caught my attention was that this band is two bassists, and a drumer. When I found them, I was making an attempt to learn how to play my acoustic bass, and loved how they sounded.

I included this one (Steam Powered Giraffe again) because it just has a great sound to it. Happy, story, and the newest band member’s influence can be heard clearly.

I included this one because the person singing this song (and wrote it) was born as a man (the two main members are twins) and underwent gender reassignment (you can see the before and after if you search “Steam Powered Giraffe” on the YouTubes). It is kind of a sad song about what they went through dealing with the gender change and difficulties in finding love and a normal life.