Snow in April? WTF Utah!

Snow in April? WTF Utah!

April 14, 2021 Off By justin

Wondered out of bed this morning knowing it was going to be a chilly day (I had checked the weather last night, because I needed to install the last of my new parts on the Crown Vic – More on my other site). My dad asked if I was home and ended up freezing with me while I rolled around in the SNOW, mud, and rain putting the new part on (I would wait, but my car has an appt with the dealership tomorrow for some bushings and an alignment).

I don’t “hate” working on cars when it is chilly or snowing, but doing it in your driveway, legs hanging out from under the car, it gets pretty sopping’ wet (and I was doing it on dirt/gravel, so I also got muddy). Happy to finally be done installing all the new bits and pieces so tomorrow when it gets the last bad piece changed and a fresh alignment it’ll be good to go for a while now.

Emotionally, I’m still pretty good. I had a video message from Mary last night wishing me a happy birthday, and that she needed to say some things to me but would just wish me a happy birthday for now. It has me a little worried because I “thought” we had both been pretty clear about each other last month when the medication was “in-between” and I was struggling to just live. It is a good indication that my medication and routine my counselor and I talked about is working because I haven’t been stuck in a “what if” loop since receiving the video. It was nice of her to send me that, and I do appreciate it deeply. She had said we both needed to move on and think about the future, so I’ve been working on just that. C’mon April, please be drama free, it’s been a rough few months.

This weekend is the birthday trifecta for me, my brother in law, and my niece’s boyfriend. We’ll be up at my mom’s for the festivities, and I can’t verbally say how excited I am to get to go up there. Family is where I feel safest and most at home. I wish there were civil service jobs up there that I could pull off, because the longer I live in this growing city, the more I want to get away and find a place with less “PEOPLE”. Traffic is as bad as I’ve ever seen it, they’re building apartments everywhere (to further exasperate the traffic issues needless to say), and the cost of living is flying higher and higher.

This one is a short one, but that’s about all the stuff I have to write today. Uneventful is good sometimes, no drama, no lack of sleep, no gut punches that stop me in my tracks, and no thoughts of shutting off the lights permanently.

My wish is that everyone in my circle, everyone who have crossed my path (in a good way, the rest of you can go back to 2020 for a do-over), and those that are in my thoughts have a wonderful April, and enjoy the upcoming weekend.