Something More Light Hearted

Something More Light Hearted

April 7, 2021 Off By justin

I don’t know about most of the people out there in the world, but family is kind of the safe place for me. From my Mom, Dad, and Sister, they’re the folks I can always, truly, deeply trust to walk me through the darkest of days. Even when they don’t know they’re doing it, just knowing I have them in my life is all I need sometimes. They’ve all seen my happy, sad, angry, and salty. They’ve seen my laugh, sob to the point of exhaustion, and been with me for some of my hardest times, and yet, they still encourage me, support me, and are always a phone call or text away. I can’t imagine life with out them in it.

Last weekend I went up to see them, and met them at “Off the Rails” in Pocatello, Idaho. My brother-in-law was playing with his band (Better w/Beer) that day, so it was kind of a special occasion. I don’t normally enjoy being around many people, but my family was there with their friends (A friend of theirs is a friend of mine I guess the old saying goes).

Goin' pee, yeah that's me.
Off the Rails rest room – Pocatello ID
Off the Rails – Pocatello ID (DAMN! It’s Blurry, and I wasn’t even drunk!)
Off the Rails – Pocatello ID

The trip was a follow-up to the last time I was up there (about 2 weeks ago). This visit was MUCH better (still a few gut punches when the ole’ noggin’ went walk about on me and circled the drain a little too long, but tons better visit).

I had my sister snap some fresh pictures of my little shits -n- me, enjoyed terrorizing my mom’s new dog (Ruby), had some food, and rested (it’s always restful in my mom’s company and at her house). I don’t know if it is the most healthy way to loose weight, but when I’ve went through as much emotional, anxiety ridden, regret filled, disappointment in my self times, I’ve always lost weight. It is the most mentally challenging way I know to loose weight, but I can once again tie my shoes with out exhaling first and my shirts look like their three sizes too large (I’ll take it).

The Steiger's (Indy, Justin, Charlotte & Dayton). Pocatello ID
Indy (16), Justin (51), Charlotte (12), Dayton (19)

Finally, something that has become an annual thing for Charlotte and myself is a Daddy Daughter Spa Day (Manicure, Pedicure, and Hair). I hope with all my heart that these annual dates for her birthday are creating some wonderful memories for her.

Pictures to come: (placeholder 😉 ).

I don’t get to see my two youngest nearly as much as I need to, but when I do get to be with them, I try to make it something they’ll feel good about. Even if it is something very small when they’re only here for a night or two, I want them to remember my house, like I felt in my grandmother’s home, and my mother’s home.

I sleep really well when I’ve got all three of my little shits under my roof, and when they have to go back to Peaches’ place, I have a little tougher time sleeping again for a night or two. Before anyone becomes a parent, I don’t think they really, truly, deeply understand what it is to love unconditionally. I took for granted my family at times, the love they relentlessly show me, the patience they demonstrate towards me, and the guiding hand they offer me with out even knowing it. I just couldn’t be a more lucky man to have my little shits I would do anything for, and my family that has done every thing for me. I love you all so much, can’t wait to see you again soon!