Just a quick “hello”

Quick Front Page Stuff

The old/new hobby I’m dipping my toes back into is photography. Found me an old (circa 2007) Pentax K100D Super, a few e-bay lenses (several are manual models from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and a couple from the former USSR. Circa 1980s). That stuff is all being blogged on A Pile Of Code (My other site on this server). I’m thinking about cleaning this site up, getting some of the very personal stuff off of here, and making it more “everyone” friendly like I intended it to be. It is really fun to be back in the picture taking world with a heavy, picky, rewarding camera again.

Just a quick hello, welcome back, and hopefully I don’t break this server any time soon (I can’t stop messing with my server, so I generally break it as soon as it starts working well).

This is also using the newest (at the time) WordPress and I am still working my around in there to get things looking better and understanding what I’m dealing with.

You are “really” in the basement of my house if you are reading this. Literally, hanging off a floor joist in my basement, running through a cheap wireless router, on a rebuilt 4tb external hard drive, being handed out by a circa 2012 Raspberry Pi Model B (not B+). So if the pages are a little slow to load, the little Raspberry Pi is probably chugging along on something else.

I’m a 50+ year old father of three. Self taught computer nerd (I got my degree after I taught myself so I could have a piece of paper saying I knew how to work in the digital world).

Two of my children live with their mother in another state, and our oldest lives with me. I get to see them on holidays (little different every year). I miss them always, but I believe they are happy, being provided for, and when I get to see them they seem happy.

If I feel inspiration I will try to work on this place more, get it organized, and see if I can’t do something with it. I’ve got another site running on this server that would be better utilized for tutorials, links, and hobby stuff.

Take care, be careful, and have a wonderful day.

Computer Stuff

Starting around 1996 I was given a Mac Classic II and taught myself HTML. Ever since then, I’ve been into computers (not games). Around 2000 or 2001 I started playing with GNU/Linux and haven’t looked back. Received my Bachelors in IT Mulitmedia Visual Communication but have never worked in the field.

Automotive Stuff

I’ve owned many brands of vehicle, but vehicles by the Ford Motor Company (FoMoCo) are where I enjoy my experiences most. My daily is a 2005 Ford Crown Victoria LX that I converted to a manual transmisison. My favorite vehicle I own is my 1967 Mercury Comet 202 with a healthy 351W, TopLoader manual 4-speed and freshly finished interior.

Home Stuff

I bought my current house in March 2019 after living with my dad for 3 years (due to a very expensive divorce). Since owning this house I haven’t done much (it was remodled inside and out before I moved in). I have repaired the mail box (in wall), added surround speakers to the ceiling, installed ceiling fans, and added smart switches, thermostat, and light bulbs. Plans are big, but finances are limiting.